Our Committee

Committee of Management

The Committee of Management is elected by the members at the Annual General Meeting, held in November each year.  The role of the Committee of Management is to manage the affairs of the kindergarten on behalf of its members.  Table 1 provides Committee of Management contact information.  NOTE: The 2019 committee of management information (names and phone numbers) will be provided to you in the first week of term one.

Table 1: 2019 Committee of Management contact information

Position Name Email
President Kellie Hatherell president.nhk@hotmail.com
Vice President Emma Schultz vicepresident.nhk@hotmail.com
Secretary Dallas Moyle secretary.nhk@hotmail.com
Treasurer Leesa Turnbull treasurer.nhk@hotmail.com
Fundraising Gaynor Bennett fundraising.nhk@hotmail.com
Banking Officer Kate Pickford bankingofficer.nhk@hotmail.com
Environment Officer Samara Scullion environment.nhk@hotmail.com
General Committee Members Trish Taylor

Rebecca Kearney

Natasha Donaldson

April Klobe

Kate Bailey

Administrator Karen McAdam hamilton.north.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au


The Committee of Management may appoint sub-committees to assist it to carry out its functions.  The fundraising sub-committee is a normal example of this.  Sub-committees report to the Committee of Management.

Members – parent body

Parents and guardians of kindergarten aged children will become members when they have a child enrolled at the kindergarten or on the waiting list and their fees are paid up to date.

Parent Involvement

This kindergarten is dependent on parent helpers.  By enrolling at our kindergarten you are agreeing to participate in its running.