Code of Conduct

for North Hamilton Kindergarten

This code of conduct has been drawn up to outline the standard of conduct expected of members of the committee of management, staff, parents, contractors and others involved with North Hamilton Kindergarten.

The fundamental principles outlined in this code of conduct are intended to guide the above-mentioned group of people to act in a fair and ethical manner for the benefit of North Hamilton Kindergarten and its members.

The North Hamilton Kindergarten is committed to the following values underpinning the interactions that committee, staff, parents, contractors etc., have with one another and when they are representing the service.

All parties bound by this code will:

  • strive to achieve North Hamilton Kindergarten the vision and mission of the organisation and uphold its core values
  • ensure all North Hamilton Kindergarten activities and decisions are in compliance with relevant legislation, and in line with the constitution, by-laws and policies of the organisation
  • promote the work of North Hamilton Kindergarten and keep informed about its programs and activities
  • ensure that the activities of North Hamilton Kindergarten are responsive to the needs and interests of members
  • acknowledge that the organisation is funded by public money and ensure that decisions are made appropriately, and are open to public scrutiny (while recognising the need to be confidential and comply with the service’s privacy policy when individual users and staff are under discussion)
  • ensure accountability to the members by documenting and communicating actions and decisions, as appropriate
  • apply the principles of equality and diversity, and ensure that the organisation is fair and open all of its activities
  • actively seek input from and communicate with members
  • act with honesty, fairness and openness in all dealings as representatives of North Hamilton Kindergarten
  • uphold and assist others dealing with the organisation to uphold the highest standard of professional conduct
  • conduct themselves in a manner which does not undermine the reputation of North Hamilton Kindergarten
    or its staff
  • exercise the powers vested in them in whatever capacity for the good of all members of North Hamilton Kindergarten and not secure any benefit or advantage for themselves
  • disclose any real, potential or perceived conflicts of interest promptly and comply with agreed processes
    for the management of such conflicts
  • respect the confidentiality of all information, papers, discussions, and decisions and use information gained in their roles appropriately
  • act prudently and with probity to protect all financial assets and resources of North Hamilton Kindergarten and ensure that they are used to deliver the service’s objectives
  • Committee members must ensure that the committee performs effectively by:
    • ensuring cooperation of all committee members to manage the committee’s operations
    • striving to attend all committee meetings and contribute productively to meetings
    • acknowledging and respecting diverse views on the committee and amongst members
    • participating in annual committee performance appraisal, renewal and succession planning
    • developing a risk management plan and taking actions to mitigate identified risks
  • accept collective responsibility for the decisions of the committee
  • utilise their individual skills, personal qualities and knowledge for the benefit of the organisation.

Endorsed at the committee meeting held on Monday 7th December, 2015

NHK Parent Handbook